Wednesday, August 12, 2020
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M-Pesa faces roadblock in cashless fare plan

  In Summary Regulator demands receipts be issued to commuters after making payments. This is likely to give rival firms whose systems can generate physical receipts a...

Importers claim 4,000 vehicles disappeared from Mombasa port

Importers of used motor vehicles have expressed fear that their vehicles impounded at various private Container Freight Stations (CFSs) in Mombasa after being declared...

Dealers Want KRA and Kebs Rules Harmonised

Motor vehicle importers want a harmonised standard on the age limit of imported second hand cars. The Car Importers Association of Kenya wants the...

New KRA cash bond worry car dealers

Local car importers have expressed concern over reports that the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) will introduce a new cash bond on imported vehicles transiting...

How motor firm bosses stashed away Sh255m in secret accounts

Why would a wealthy man who owns major shares in CMC risk so much for such small amounts?

Buyers of stolen cars to be let off the hook

Most of the vehicles were stolen from the two countries and since the owners had genuine papers, it was important to first establish how they were stolen and transported to Kenya.

New Rules for Freight Tax Agents

The future of a clearing and forwarding agents’ association looks uncertain after the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) changed rules for registration of...

Duty Calculation

We know that it is a hassle to get the cost of duty on your next car and therefore, we have created a form that you can use to send your car details whereupon we shall work out the cost of duty and email it back to you.