Wednesday, April 18, 2018
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The 2010 Chrysler 300

Ok not just the 2010 Chrysler, Chryslers in general, lets face it, there's nothing much to say about it. But it is a rare car, iv only seen in in three places, at The Tribe Hotel parked, it leaving the parking of Tribe Hotel and it moving towards the Village market near The Tribe Hotel, love that hotel.

CMC Pre-tax Profit at 31% Due to Dwindling Sales

Dwindling sales and high borrowing costs have pushed car dealer CMC Holdings to record a 31 per cent drop in pre-tax profit for the past six months ending in March. The car dealer says that its pre-tax profit fell to Sh433.6 million, down from Sh631.9 million achieved in the same period last year mainly due to high interest rates from outstanding debts.