Why get a car valuation?

Nov 1st, 2011 | By | Category: Car Buying & Selling Tips, General Information

If you’re thinking of buying a used car, a car valuation helps ensure you pay the right price for it.

If you wish to sell your car, a car valuation helps price it correctly for your Auto Trader advert, receiving its true market value.

You can also value a car you’re part-exchanging. Simply print your valuation report and take it with you to make sure you get the right price when you part exchange your car.

A CAP online valuation will give you:

Three part exchange values, adjusted for the condition of the car
The price you would expect to pay at a car dealer
The price you would expect to pay in a private sale
An adjusted price taking optional extras into account
An appraisal tool to consider any damage that may affect the price. 

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