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Ariel Atom 

Lets talk about middle aged men, your 35 maybe 40, you got a bit of spare cash in the bank and you want to buy a big sports motorbike because when you wee 17 your mum an dad dint allow you to have one.


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About the author: The Editor

I'm a chick, never had doubts about that. Born and raised in Nairobi, Mutua!! (meaning last born in Luhya). I like eating, singing, playing games watching rugby...I LOVE RUGBY!! dancing and finally laughing HAHAHA!! All this is so funny nyway. I'm always up for a challenge, especially gaming challenge, except rugby, im safer watching it. My first love has and always will be cars........

2 Responses to Ariel Atom

  1. Andy

    If you really want to get the thrill of what Super / Hyper cars are all about….at an affordable price…then the Atom will be the best candidate. By looking at the car, the adrenaline kicks in and your ready to become a petrol head!

  2. The Editor

    Hi Andy,
    That is so true…the Atom is a very exciting car, the adrenaline rush one gets cannot be fathomed.

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