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Bus carrying ammo from Dar seized by Coast police 

A Tanzanian bus in which explosives and bullets used by poachers to kill elephants was found and has been seized by South Coast police. Police sources say the arms could have been ordered by the outlawed Mombasa Republican Council for illegal military training.

The driver and conductor of the bus (Tahmeed), which detained at Lunga Lunga border on Saturday have been arrested. The bus was heading to Mombasa from Dar-es-Saalam.

The deputy Kwale police boss, Joseph Sang’, said investigations into the case have started. They have contacted company chiefs to provide more information about the arms.

Passengers who were heading to Mombasa had to get alternative transport to reach their destination, after a routine check by the the police chanced on the 750mm bullets.

Sang’ said: “The bullets are the kind which cannot be used for ordinary military activities since they could completely destroy the targets, that is why they are used on elephants.” He suspects that the recipient only indicated as ‘Maureen’, may be a poacher.

There were no other details on the package about the sender or physical address of the receiver as is the standard procedure. The consignment, which was described as “very dangerous”  was packed in a carton box, and then placed in a second carton box covered all over in brown tape. The luggage was in the boot.

He said the consignment was heading to Mombasa and expressed concern that the owners had tried to use tricks to ferry it into the country. Sang said: “We have reasons to believe that the owner of this consignment is well informed about military matters and could be owning several guns.” The bus pair were arrested as suspects and will help the police with investigations.


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