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Saved from the mob after a failed attempt on car theft.. 

One car thief in nairobi town narrowly escaped death by mob justice after he attempted to break in to one of the cars parked alongside kimathi street.

car thief

car thief

The man tried to break into the in car the absence of the owner but when the owner arrived in time before the culprit was trying to ignite the car with sort of a mastered key ,the owner then shouted “mwizi mwizi”.

Before the culprit  tried to escape the alarm had attracted the attention of the public who quickly surrounded the man and started threatening the man .They threatened to kill him if he didn’t disclose why he tried to steal the car…?The man tried to be cunning but after the owners establishment of the car owner the mob acted on him mercilessly…lucky for him as by passing patrolling police saved him from the  mob by arresting him and was loaded their van  and taken to central police for further interrogation

The incident took place in the streets of nairobi on  day 15  of the month of  october  the year two thousand and eleven at around eleven o’clock in the morning

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