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Tips For Buying A Second Hand Car 

There comes a point in every car owner’s life when they start to realise that they need to get a new one. This might be when they are sat at the side of the road, with their car spewing out smoke for the 5th time that month or it might be just a feeling they get that they don’t enjoy driving their car anymore. Whatever the reason for most of us this means heading down to a second hand car garage or more likely, going online and trawling through hundreds of ads.

Buying a second hand car can be tricky though as choosing something that is both a sensible price yet still something that you enjoy driving, so you had better do it right.

Stick to your budget

First the sensible part: before you go anywhere near an advert, you should decide on what your budget is. This might be a mixture of how much your old car is worth, plus how much savings you have. Or it could be based on how big a loan you can get from the bank. Once you have a figure, stick to it.

Make sure it fits your needs

Next sensible thing to do is to work out what you need your car to be able to do. If you need to be able to go off road, you should make sure it has 4 wheel drive, or if you need it to be able to hold 8 rowdy Labradors in the back you should probably look for an estate. You also need to think about fuel economy and if you can fit into it too.

How long will it last

A further sensible thing to think about (I know, still boring) is how long you want your car to last for. If you are happy to have a car that will only last you a few years you can probably save some money getting one with a higher mileage. But if you want one that will last longer, it will likely cost you more. Having performance car parts installed on your new car will likely make it last longer though no matter how old it is.

Will you enjoy driving it

The final decision you need to focus on is whether you are going to enjoy driving your new car or not. You need to be sure that you like how it feels to drive, how much you like the interior and what the handling is like to be sure you won’t start hating the car after a few days.

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