Wednesday, June 23, 2021
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Petrol price driven up by suspect deal

A flawed tendering process which led to overpricing of freight charges could have led to Kenyans paying a higher price for their petrol. While the...

Tips on increasing fuel efficiency

(Karuoro Waithaka) So petrol is increasing per litre. Unless you are a Saudi sheikh vacationing in Kenya, this is likely to put a major...

Car makers target Kenya with fuel guzzlers

Fuel guzzling vehicles are finding way into the Kenyan roads as motorists in the Developed World shift gears to go for fuel-efficient cars in the face of tough economic times.

Revealed: 2013 Volkswagen

A six-speed DSG automatic is optional for mid-range models. The top-of-the-line Executive model will continue to pack a 3.6-liter V6 with 280hp....

Motor vehicle theft

There are various methods of prevention to reduce the likelihood of a vehicle getting stolen. These include physical barriers, which make the effort of stealing the vehicle more difficult. Some of these include....

New vs second hand cars

A vehicle which has never been driven will offer better, fresher performance, and likely it will be more reliable too. Having a car fresh from the dealer means you know it's had the full gamut of checks and inspections, and you can rest assured you are now driving a smooth-running car. You should also be given a warranty to give you for the first few years and with a new car you will pay less in running costs.

Can Anyone Tell Me Who Owns This ?

Follow the following tips to reduce your chances of being the victim of auto theft. 1. Always Take Your Keys. Never leave them in the car. Nearly 20% of all vehicles stolen had the keys in them.

Routine maintenance and fuel-saving ideas

Routine maintenance and fuel-saving ideas to keep you and your car happy on the road. Taking care of your car’s engine can help avoid breakdowns...

Dashboard Warning: what triggers the infamous engine light

Check your check-engine light now--or get ready to write a big, fat check later. As we close out the National Car Care Awareness Month of...

Demand for cars lifts prices

Shrinking supplies also help spur higher sticker costs and smaller discounts.

Ways to Improve Your Fuel Economy

With the prices of fuel hitting such high prices, every car owner need to be cautious. Here are ways to help you cut down...

Car Dealers Can Be Your Best Bet For Buying A New...

If you are buying a car, you always want to get the best deal. But looking to save money by buying from a private party as opposed to a dealer...

Tips For Buying A Second Hand Car

Buying a second hand car can be tricky though as choosing something that is both a sensible price yet still something that you enjoy driving, so you had better do it right.

Reducing Car Pollution

With the demand for cars in Kenya rising every day, so is the level of air pollution. Vehicles contribute to this evil at a very high level. But there are many ways of helping reduce the amount of pollution caused by car emissions.