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If we all had our way, every car we ever buy would be brand new; shiny, unmarked, and full of the new car smell. However, the reality is that we’re often restricted financially, or circumstances may present us with a second hand car as our most convenient option. There are pros to both options, so it’s worth considering your choices before you make that big purchase.

Obviously there are some clear upsides to buying a brand new car. A vehicle which has never been driven will offer better, fresher performance, and likely it will be more reliable too. Having a car fresh from the dealer means you know it’s had the full gamut of checks and inspections, and you can rest assured you are now driving a smooth-running car. You should also be given a warranty to give you for the first few years and with a new car you will pay less in running costs.

This isn’t to say that a second-hand car is not as good as a new one. In many cases a well-cared-for vehicle offers much the same quality, ability and style as it did when it was first driven out of the dealership. And second hand cars don’t mean you can’t get a warranty – many approved-used deals will offer a 12 month warranty even if the car is a few years old.

So why buy new? There certainly are things to consider when opting for an unused car. A brand new vehicle is more expensive of course. And, despite paying out for a fresh new model, it will depreciate greatly in the first 12 months, and as much as 35% in the first three years, which means you can lose more than a third of what you paid for it.

Of course, some financial benefits, such as interest-free finance, only come with a straight-out-of-the-dealership option. This might be a more preferable and beneficial arrangement for you, in which case buying new is the way to go. And after all, with a used car you never really know its history so there are always thorough checks which need to be made before you can confidently drive it away.

At the end of the day, it is worth asking yourself what you need, and want, in a car. If you really do want to buy one which is brand new, consider the reasons for this. Obviously there’s nothing quite like choosing your ideal vehicle and being the first person to own it, but it can be a smart move to look at some second-hand options as well.

Even if you do decide that a shiny new vehicle is the best choice for you, at least you’ll be able to relish the peace of mind that you did some prior research. At the end of the day, a car is a major purchase, and it never hurts to check out all the options.

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