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Monday, May 17, 2021
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Fuel shortage hits parts of Nairobi

Fueling stations within Nairobi Central Business District (CBD) have reported an over two weeks diesel shortage. Station attendants who...

Motor vehicle theft

There are various methods of prevention to reduce the likelihood of a vehicle getting stolen. These include physical barriers, which make the effort of stealing the vehicle more difficult. Some of these include....

New vs second hand cars

A vehicle which has never been driven will offer better, fresher performance, and likely it will be more reliable too. Having a car fresh from the dealer means you know it's had the full gamut of checks and inspections, and you can rest assured you are now driving a smooth-running car. You should also be given a warranty to give you for the first few years and with a new car you will pay less in running costs.

What to do when buying a car

The first and most important thing to look at is; what are your needs and what would you like this car to do for you. If you are looking for a car to get you from point A to B in town, then a small car with a low capacity engine would suffice. If you do a lot of off road trips either to the farm or ferrying the family, then you need a slightly bigger car with relatively good ground clearance.

What colour should your car be?

What colour should your car be? What factors should you take into consideration? Here’s what we think…

GM to unveil 580 horsepower Camaro convertible

General Motors will unveil the most powerful convertible Chevrolet has ever made at the Los Angeles Auto Show in November

To cure fuel crisis, increasing taxes is not the only option

The steady rise in international fuel prices is causing all manner of problems to our economy

Multinationals blamed for fuel hitch

A fresh battle is unfolding in the oil industry after local marketers came out to accuse their multinational counterparts of 'dirty games' that...

Ministry clashes with fuel firms over prices

The government on Tuesday clashed with oil companies over reports that the price of petrol could go up next week. It was responding to a...

The untold story of fuel shortage

Fear of reduced profitability by oil marketing companies and the government’s rush to announce tax cuts on fuel without proper implementation plans are the...

Fresh dispute on oil tender rocks ministry

The government has ordered an emergency supply of super petrol despite the Kenya Pipeline Company (KPC) insisting it has sufficient stocks. Industry players on Sunday...

Why petroleum is scarce at the pump

The severe shortage of petroleum that began at the weekend persisted Wednesday, causing transport disruptions estimated to be worth millions of shillings. Nairobi, the capital...

Kibaki crisis talks fail to end petrol shortage

The shortage of petrol entered the fourth day on Thursday, even as President Mwai Kibaki rallied ministers to assure the public that matters were...

Kenya oil industry in chaos as fuel shortage bites

Motorists stood in long queues on Wednesday as one of the most severe and bizarre fuel shortages hit many parts of the country. Many people...