Friday, August 7, 2020
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Kenyans to pay more for fuel

Kenyans will have to dig deeper into their pockets from today after the Energy and Petroleum Regulatory Authority (EPRA) Tuesday announced higher...

Petrol prices rises again as diesel, kerosene to cost less.

Motorists using petrol will from Monday midnight pay more to refill their tanks following a slight increase in its price announced Sunday...

Motorists’ smiles start reversing as fuel prices increase

The Energy Regulatory Commission has announced new fuel pump prices that will see the cost of Super Petrol go up by Sh1.26,...

Smart solutions can unlock Nairobi traffic

Many years of missed opportunities to develop urban rapid mass transportation systems for Nairobi has caught us in a traffic emergency that...

Christmas comes early as ERC slashes kerosene, petrol prices

Poor households that depend on kerosene will buy it cheaply for the next one month, according to the latest ERC review. The cost of kerosene has...

Kenyans to pay more for fuel as ERC adjusts up pump...

Kenyans will pay more for fuel after the Energy Regulatory Commission adjusted up pump prices of petroleum products in the latest month review. A liter of...

Sanctions: Why US-Iran impasse could hike oil prices

Kenyans will continue grappling with the high cost of living as global crude oil prices further inch up. Fluctuations in oil prices have become...

Fuel shortage hits parts of Nairobi as VAT standoff persists

A biting fuel shortage has hit parts of the capital Nairobi as the strike called by petroleum transporters protesting against new government tax enters...

Motor vehicle theft

There are various methods of prevention to reduce the likelihood of a vehicle getting stolen. These include physical barriers, which make the effort of stealing the vehicle more difficult. Some of these include....

New vs second hand cars

A vehicle which has never been driven will offer better, fresher performance, and likely it will be more reliable too. Having a car fresh from the dealer means you know it's had the full gamut of checks and inspections, and you can rest assured you are now driving a smooth-running car. You should also be given a warranty to give you for the first few years and with a new car you will pay less in running costs.

CMC may drive out of business.

The current scenario, where the next cause of action depends on court orders, is a setback to the Muthoka team, whose plan for a bloodless coup suffered a major setback on Friday when a ruling which would have secured the November 21 meeting was withdrawn....

Car Importation Rules for Kenya

We  source and import any vehicle of your choice. Clearing, registration and delivery services also provided. Email your request direct to us. Please be...

Duty Calculation

We know that it is a hassle to get the cost of duty on your next car and therefore, we have created a form that you can use to send your car details whereupon we shall work out the cost of duty and email it back to you.

Car Registration Kenya

RA would like to inform all motorists that the above mentioned are the requirements for vehicle registration as well as vehicles

The Kenyan RDTFs on Car Importation / Exportation

Currently we have new car importation rules at Mombasa so i thought to let you know what is...