Petrol prices rises again as diesel, kerosene to cost less.


Motorists using petrol will from Monday midnight pay more to refill their tanks following a slight increase in its price announced Sunday by the Energy and Petroleum Regulatory Commission (EPRA).

In the latest price revisions, a litre of petrol will cost more by Sh0.29, while diesel and kerosene have gone down by Sh0.88 and Sh2.31 respectively in Nairobi.

This means a litre of petrol in the capital will cost Sh115.39, diesel Sh103.88 and kerosene Sh101.97. The prices are inclusive of VAT.

In the announcement, EPRA Director-General Robert Oimeke said the changes in this month’s prices are the result of the average landed cost of imported petroleum products and depreciation of the Kenya shilling against the US dollar.

“Super Petrol decreased by 1.83 percent from Sh53,800 (US$538.08) per cubic metre in May, 2019, to Sh52,820 in June 2019; Diesel decreased by 3.07 percent from Sh53,580 to Sh51,940 per cubic metre and kerosene decreased by 5.49 percent from Sh53,290 to Sh50,360 per cubic metre,� Mr Oimeke said.

The Free on board (FOB) price of Murban crude oil lifted in June was Sh6,480 per barrel, a decrease of 10.44 percent from Sh7,235 per barrel in May 2019.

Over the same period, the mean monthly US dollar to Kenya shilling exchange rate depreciated by 0.68 per cent, from Sh101.2 per dollar in May, to Sh101.89 per dollar in June.

In Mombasa, a litre of petrol will cost Sh112.74, diesel Sh101.25, and kerosene Sh99.39 while Kisumu residents will pay Sh121.03 for a litre of petrol, Sh109.77 for diesel, and Sh107.86 for kerosene.

Since January, the cost of petrol has risen by Sh11.94, diesel by Sh8.31 and kerosene by Sh7.63.

Summoned by the Senate Committee on Energy to explain the increase Mr Oimeke attributed it to the rise in the cost of crude oil in the international market.


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