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Car Care and Maintenance Tips 

Recent studies suggest that most car / road accidents occur because of non-compliant car care. Make sure that your car does not mean that you would have to buy expensive car care products, but it’s just precautionary measures in accordance with written instructions to the instruction manual. The manufacturer recommends maintenance tips to auto boost car performance and the life of the vehicle.

Auto Maintenance is available for routine inspection and replacement of key components and mechanisms of the vehicle. The following controls help prevent accidents and keep your car’s great guns:

Frequent filter monitoring:

Air and oil filters require frequent monitoring. When clogged with dirt and dust, filter systems influence the engine operation. The Car Care Council recommends regular oil changes and air filter every 3000-4000 miles of the road for optimum efficiency of a vehicle.

Check tires:

The tire pressure monitoring is another valuable tip for peak performance car care and vehicle safety. Under-inflated tires are known to reduce engine power and fuel by almost 15 percent. Tire pressure should ideally be checked when the tire is cold. Once a month should suffice, but if your car has a digital instrument care kit, you can do it more often. Remember, low tire pressure reduces the life of your tires!

Tuning your engine:

Keep the engine is tuned an important part of your vehicle maintenance program. Therefore, make sure there is nothing wrong with the motor – no belts to be worn, no misfiring spark plugs, no plugging of the injectors – March engine performance.

Right oil for cars right:

Pay attention to your car as much about using the right oil. In most cases it comes to the quality recommended by the manufacturer of engine oil. Select the “conservation of energy, oils with friction-reducing additives.

There are other hosts car maintenance tips to improve the efficiency of your vehicle. Systematic monitoring of liquid-liquid battery and others is a necessity. Lubricating the chassis of the vehicle increases the life of components. Check brakes, lights, wipers, reducing the chances of accidents.

A foolproof plan car care requires that you park your car in the garage or a shaded area when not in use. Sun-block a car with petrol will lead less evaporation of fuel.

Your car will look after your care repay, despite an inanimate object and you with quality service and long term. With relatively fewer accidents and emission of pollutants controlled relative, do not leave your car care of their impact on the environment and society as a whole.

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