Selecting an Auto Maintenance Center

Updated: March 8, 2011

Selecting an auto maintenance center is a very important decision and something that should be done with some consideration and thought. There are some things that many drivers love to do to take care of their own cars, from checking and changing the oil to performing tune ups. But not all of us have time to take care of this stuff on our own.

There is no need or reason to let things go when this is the case. Find a good car maintenance center and make sure things get done right.

Attributes of Good Car Centres

There are many car care centers in most geographical regions. Usually even in a small town you’ll likely have at least a few different places where you can go to get your oil changed or auto exhaust pipe replaced, for example. Normally there is at least one quick lube that specializes in oil changes and other basics like replacing air filters and windshield wipers and checking tire pressure. And there are also some car shops that do a much wider realm of work but also do this type of stuff.

In some cases the prices at both places will be the same or close to the same for a basic oil and lube. So, how do you decide which maintenance center to choose? There are certain characteristics to look for that may important to some people. For example, that quick lube with the drive through bays usually prides itself on getting you in and out fast. But the auto shop down the street may actually have you drop the car off and come get it at the end of the day, and they’ll get to your oil change when they can squeeze it in. Neither way is inherently better than the other; it all just depends on your preference or your needs.

Diagnostics at Car Care Centers

At the quick lube shop, technicians will perform a range of checks to see how your cat looks. They’ll look at tire pressure and tread and may even rotate the tires for you in some cases. They will check fluids in the transmission and the radiator and make sure everything looks good there. They will top off windshield washer fluid and perform other basic tasks. But the car shop down the street will probably take wider look.

In most cases these places do oil changes and things like that to fill time for their technicians and also to try to drum up jobs. For this reason they’ll look for anything that needs to be done that fits into the services they offer at these places. As a result, you might get a more thorough inspection here than at the drive through quick lube. If this appeals to you, it is better to choose this type of auto maintenance center. If not, the quick oil change shop may be your best bet.

Car Condition and Maintenance Issues

Folks with brand new cars, for example, likely will not need the help that this additional diagnostic testing provides. But those who think there are some performance issues with their car anyway might go that route because it could be a way to get a free look at the thing while the oil’s being changed. The age and condition of your vehicle will be a big determining factor that could help decide whether to use one type of car maintenance care center or another. These choices are both good ones when the situation is right, and both should be weighed so that you choose the best auto center to suit your needs.

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