Car Care And Maintenance For First Time Driver


Getting that very first car was a big step and the event changed the lives of young people mostly. A car means the potential popularity, independence, and the opportunity to prove to friends and family that they are mature. For many first time car owners who actually care and long-term maintenance of new vehicles (beyond the occasional washing) does not even factor in the equation. Ironically enough roadside assistance calls that recently made the car owner can be avoided with a basic, routine maintenance,.

One of the first things you should always remember is to get your oil changed every 3,000 miles. More than a few people have failed to check the emission and / or end up having to pay hundreds of dollars in repairs just because they have neglected to get their oil changed. To know that oil changes are not checking your local yellow pages or ask friends and family. Many workshops offer a discount oil change several times a year in order to attract new customers, so keep your eyes peeled for sale.

Another thing that can help keep your new car running smoothly is to take advantage of injector cleaner that is sold in almost all gas stations and chain stores. Adding a bottle of fuel injector cleaner to your fuel tank before getting gas that can really do wonders. Clean removes excess deposits as you drive that helps your car to run was smooth.

Replacing the wind shield wipers whenever they become worn also something that can be very useful on the phone. There is nothing worse than sitting on the side of the road during heavy rain because the wind shield wipers you are too old and worn to increase your visibility. Some people go so far as to replace their wind shield wipers whenever they get an oil change just to make sure they never get stuck in a bad storm with worn wipers.

Last but not least, keep an eye on your tires. Check your tires frequently for excessive wear, punctures, and low pressure. Investments in small pressure examiner from your local automotive store or gas station so you can check your tire pressure to ensure that they are what the instructions recommend owners. There is nothing worse than getting in your car only to discover that your tires are completely and totally flat.

In addition to keeping your car properly, always ready for the worst-case scenario. Make sure that you have a spare tire in your car and that you know how to put on your vehicle in case you get a flat. Keep emergency supplies in your trunk at all times, first aid kit, bottled water, blankets, flashlights, and some snacks in case you are stranded for a long period of time during bad weather.

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