Nairobi Driver Clobbered by Passengers For Drink Driving [VIDEO]


A Nairobi driver was on Thursday, September 5, clobbered by angry matatu passengers and passers-by for allegedly overspeeding and driving while drunk.

The members of the public forced the driver and the conductor of the bus to pack on the side of the road and meted their version of justice on the driver.

The helpless conductor was let off with a kick and watched helplessly as the irate mob beat his counterpart. His attempts to explain himself and plead for mercy fell on deaf ears.

In a video seen by, the driver was observed backed up against a bus with irate members of the public raining blows on him as others milled around to witness the scene.

A woman trying to stop the angry mob was overwhelmed and shoved aside by the mob intent on teaching the unidentified driver a lesson.

This incident comes just a few hours after the police launched a manhunt for another driver who was recorded in a video widely circulated on WhatsApp while speeding.

This is not the first time such incidents have been recorded.

In April, another matatu driver on the Nakuru-Nairobi route was beaten up by passengers who did not take kindly to his overspeeding.

On July 31, NTSA stated that it had developed a curriculum for testing drivers and instructors in an aim to streamline the public service sector.

Interior Cabinet Secretary Fred Matiang’ i said from November 1, 2019, no Public Service Vehicle or commercial vehicles driver’s license will be renewed without the holder undergoing a mandatory retraining and retesting process following the newly prescribed modules.


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