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10 Worst High Speed Crashes Ever 

Wherever there are wide open roads, there will always be drivers trying to push the limits of their cars. Many have no professional driving experience. When you combine that with a high-performance vehicle, you often end up with spectacular crashes. We’ve compiled a list of top 10 highest speed crashes on open roads. We hope you keep these in mind next time you have the urge to speed.

#10. Ferrari 360 Modena

130 MPH – 209 KPH

The driver of this 2004 Ferrari 360 Modena was trying to show off to his girlfriend when he lost control at 130 MPH on a country road in France. The car ran into power lines, bringing down live cables and snapping the car in two. Both driver and passenger were lucky to survive the crash.

#9. BMW 528i

135 MPH – 217 KPH

This 1998 BMW 5-series was being driven at 135 MPH when a tire blew out, resulting in the vehicle flipping several times and crashing into a concrete pillar.

#8. Mercedes SLK

135 MPH– 217 KPH

This is what a Mercedes SLK looks like after slamming into a tree at 135 MPH in Germany.

#7. Chevrolet Corvette

140 MPH – 225 KPH

The driver of this Corvette got his car up to 140 MPH before spinning out and disintegrating on a Dallas, TX highway.

#6. TVR T350C

140 MPH– 225 KPH

This TVR was racing another vehicle in Johannesburg, South Africa, when the driver lost it at 140 MPH. The car slammed into a paved embankment and flipped over underneath an overpass.

#5. Lamborghini Murcielago

150 MPH– 241 KPH

This Lamborghini was only 6 days old and was NOT insured when the owner decided to see how fast he could go on a desert highway in Egypt. A truck cut him off at 150 MPH. He lost $350,000 but was glad to be alive.

#4. Ferrari Enzo

160 MPH– 257 KPH

41 year old driver was killed after losing control of his Enzo at 160 MPH. The impact was so great that it tore the car into several pieces. Locals reported having seen and heard an Enzo being driven very hard the day before. Most likely it was the same car. Accident happened on October 30th, 2005.


#3. Mercedes SLR

165 MPH– 266 KPH

The owner of this SLR was showing off to his passenger on a desert highway in Qatar. They reached speeds of 160 MPH before losing control and flipping countless times. The car tore into 3 pieces.

#2. Dodge Viper

170 MPH – 274 KPH

The driver of this 1998 Dodge Viper was pushing 170 MPH when he lost control on a stretch of Arizona highway. After flipping a few times, the car slammed sideways into a pole.

#1. Ferrari Enzo

196 MPH – 315 KPH

This is the world’s highest known crash speed on open roads. There are only a handful of cars even capable of reaching these speeds. The driver was drunk and pushing the limits of this $1.3 million car on the Pacific Coast Highway when he lost control and crashed into a utility pole. Miracolously, he walked away from the accident.

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