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BMW 1-Series by Prior Design 


 Those who let the 1M slip through their fingers should check out this tuning package. German tuning firm Prior Design has released a new tuning package for the 1-Series Coupe: a wide body kit that apes the design of the 1M. For anyone that failed to find (or afford) a baby-M, this package may be the solution comprising a front apron with the 1M-style air intakes, new front fenders, stronger wheel arches and 1-Series M Coupe’s side gills. Matching side skirts and a completely new bumper feature at the rear. A hood with power dome and vents reminiscent of the M3 sets the PDM1-WB apart from a 1M, although there are no interior or performance enhancements to speak of. Pricing details have yet to emerge.

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