Saturday, September 19, 2020
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Frozen Silver 2012 BMW M3 Competition Edition Announced

To mark the 40th anniversary of BMW's M division, BMW of North America will produce 40 identically-equipped special M3 Coupes for the U.S. market, featuring Frozen Silver Metallica exterior paint, a rare metallic luster highlighting the M3's athletic contours...

Thugs taking advantage of traffic jams.

They were young men and one had dreadlocks. The woman thinks that they are trying to blend in with hawkers catching people unaware in the traffic jams. It’s easy to become complacent when stuck in traffic. However, this is good reminder to remain aware at all times and always keep your windows up and doors locked.....

Future Cars

Step into the new-car showroom of tomorrow. The links to articles on the following pages give you what you need to decide whether to...

Bugatti Veyron vs Euro Fighter Typhoon

A year ago there was a race between the Bugatti Veyron and a plane, from Italy to London and of course the Bugatti won. Then....

Ferrari F430 Scuderia

You might think that this would fit the bill , but it's going to be a tonne and a bit of Italian engineering for the soul. It is a tigh...

Lamborghini Murcielago

Here it is and of course it is very dramatic. It's also very large and turns a lot of heads when you drive along plus it is also very...

Mercedes Brabus SL

This is the Mercedes Brabus SL the most powerful convertible ever made. The 160,000 pound roadster was built by Turbo Roadster...

Mercedes C63 AMG vs BMW M3 vs Audi RS4

Nothing is as exciting as watching three top dogs battle for the top spot, The Mercedes C63, Audi RS4 and yes my favorite car...