Future Cars


Step into the new-car showroom of tomorrow. The links to articles on the following pages give you what you need to decide whether to buy today, or wait for what’s on the horizon.

Learn about scores of new cars, trucks, and SUVs going on sale in the coming months and years. These articles include news, pictures, analysis, prices, and specifications on 2012, 2013, and even 2014 models.
Here’s a preview of our look into the future:

2012 Cars

A popular compact SUV is redesigned within a new global vehicle family headed by the next-generation Focuscompact car. The result should be a trimmer, fuel-thriftier Escape with international style and more premium features.

It may seem like a ways off, but we have some preliminary inside info about what’s on tap for model-year 2012, such as the Carbon E7 andAston Martin Cygnet.

Check back for updates about 2012 future cars.

2013 Cars

Though the details are hazy this early in the game, CG’s resident future-car expert, Chris Poole, digs deep to provide you with insightful articles about what’s coming up for model-year 2013.

The highlights include a possible 4-door sedan from Lamborghini based on the Estoque Concept and the next Chevrolet Corvette.

Stay tuned for more.

2014 Cars
Model-year 2014 brings a slew of domestic and foreign luxury cars. Check out this section for details on the Cadillac ZTS, the Bugatti Royale, and a new entry from BMW, the 1-Series Compact. Check back with us as we add to this section. 

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