Wednesday, August 5, 2020
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Why SGR can’t wipe trucks off of the roads

Kenya Railways says has been transporting only 30 per cent of the total cargo from Mombasa port on the standard gauge railway.

Two trucks burst into flames along Nairobi-Nakuru highway

Two oil tankers were involved in a head-on collision along the Nairobi-Nakuru highway before bursting into flames. Motorists escaped injuries during...

Trucks may be pushed off the road to please Chinese lender

Like any other lending institution, China Exim Bank is tough when it comes to negotiating a loan. Didn’t we...

KeNHA bets on technology to curb truck overloading

The Kenya National Highway Authority (KeNHA) has announced plans to set up 15 additional Virtual Weighbridge Stations (VWS).

Trucks hauled more containers than SGR from Mombasa Port

Lorries are still transporting more cargo from the port of Mombasa compared to Standard Gauge Railway trains, a report has said. The weekly report by...

Truck Drivers Be Warned

Trucks or any other vehicle should not be parked by the roadside especially during the night without the hazard lights on. Yesternight at around 11:45pm...

Van Damme puts the Volvo Truck steering system to test

Jean-Claude Van Damme did a split between two tractor-trailers while they were driving backward. The stunt was designed to promote Volvo Trucks’ new dynamic steering...

Toyota to assemble Hilux pickups locally

Assembling the vehicles in Kenya would lower the duty paid for imported vehicles, which would also reduce their overall cost per unit in the country making it more affordable.

Future Cars

Step into the new-car showroom of tomorrow. The links to articles on the following pages give you what you need to decide whether to...

Truck Power Sliding

The challenge is to power slide the trucks and a demonstration shows it is actually possible. It is quite a task driving a truck...