Truck Drivers Be Warned



Trucks or any other vehicle should not be parked by the roadside especially during the night without the hazard lights on.

Yesternight at around 11:45pm along Mombasa Road-Mlolongo past the weigh-bridge as you are coming to Nairobi, a Young Lady Motorist by the name Jackline Gatwiri rammed into a Stationery Truck that was by the roadside.

Fortunate enough, I was around that area. I called my team which was around Embakasi and managed to assist her with First Aid before rushing her to the hospital.

I am appealling to motorists using such roads to avoid parking by the roadside and for those driving please avoid overtaking and overspeeding at such points as that endangers your life+those of other Motorists.

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I also appeal to Police Officers along such roads to take action on Motorists who recklessly park their vehicles by the roadside without even putting their hazards on. Not turning your hazard on especially at night hinders your visibility from other drivers.

We Wish Jackline Quick Recovery.


Source: Mike Sonko

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