Thursday, August 13, 2020
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Museveni’s Kabaka gift to be enhanced

On April 13, a prized sleek black Toyota Land Cruiser V8 was unveiled publicly as a presidential gift to Kabaka Ronald Muwenda Mutebi II...

2016 ES Has Lexus’ New Face All Over It

With many of Lexus' models newly introduced, redesigned or refreshed over the last couple of years, the fifth generation ES, originally introduced as a...

First-Ever Steel

The Steel Gray Lexus LFA was delivered to Dan Davidson, owner of Lexus of Riverside in Southern California.Check out Lexus' amazing supercar in the gallery.

It’s time the Lexus IS model tested our treacherous roads

Last week we looked at a strange model from the Nissan stable that is unlikely to be introduced to this conservative market that refuses...

Three arrested in Toyota car theft ring

David said the suspects likely had contacts with a global car-theft network moving stolen vehicles out of Montreal on ships to ports in Africa and the Middle East.

In touch and on a roll

New technology can make a car an extension of a smartphone, but with hands-free and audio features for safety.

The black death of sludge

After prolonged exposure to high heat, engine oil can oxidize and break down, forming deposits known as sludge. This gelatinous...

Helloooooo Handsome!!!

Looking at this car gave me a really nostalgic feeling, i almost cried, its sizzling hot its gorgeous its the Mighty Lexus IS F. You have to get to know the car better to understand the feeling of nostalgia within me and if you don't feel me you have a problem. Lets begin shall we?!