Saturday, September 19, 2020
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Matatu Owners & Boda Boda Endorse Uhuru, Say He Has Performed

President Uhuru Kenyatta’s reelection bid has received a boost after public transport operators threw their weight behind him. The Matatu Owners’ Association National Governing Council...

Why NTSA Wants Matatu Drivers Trained By NYS

The National Transport and Safety Authority has disclosed of plans to have all matatu drivers trained under the National Youth Service program. As part...

Why Kenya’s Much Awaited Smart Driver’s Licence May Suffer a Still-birth

Lets face it, this is not the first time however the government has tried to digitize the notorious transport sector and failed miserably. Kenyan motorists...

M-Pesa faces roadblock in cashless fare plan

  In Summary Regulator demands receipts be issued to commuters after making payments. This is likely to give rival firms whose systems can generate physical receipts a...

Matatus launch cashless card system

Matatu Saccos have introduced a prepaid card system ahead of the July deadline set out by the Transport Ministry. Fibre Space Limited has partnered with...

No Law to Force Matatu’s to Screen Passengers

There is no law in place to force Matatu operators to screen passengers and luggage. Lawyer Ndung'u Wainaina says the government should first come...

Matatu Crews Reject Cashless Payment Plan

Resistance by matatu crews could become the biggest hurdle to the envisaged adoption of a cashless system. Those who spoke to Nairobi News said there...

State to stick to policies - An auto firm has asked...

General Motors East Africa (GMEA), accused the government of lack of a clear guideline on the shift from small to bigger capacity passenger vehicles which would have phased out the 14-seater matatus from public service. GMEA, which sells the Isuzu and Chevrolet brands in East Africa had made plans for increased demand of middle and large capacity buses in light of the government’s intended phase out of the 14-seater matatus.