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Mazda MX-5

This is a great thing for those who love the car, and a point of contention for those who like to trash it.Full Article

CMC Motors invests Sh1 billion in turnaround strategy

CMC Motors Group has announced a new, far-reaching structural and cost-reduction strategy aimed at fast-tracking growth and boosting profitability in the company. The key to this strategy, announced by the ...Full Article

2011 Consumer Reports Study

Honda Repeats, Ford Surges and Mercedes Tumbles in 2011 Consumer Reports StudyFull Article

Top 10 Ugliest Car Grilles

If there's one part of a car that can draw in onlookers and potential buyers, it's the grille. Here are our picks for the 10 grilles that define a car, ...Full Article

2011 Top Ten Cars

Car and Drivers Auto Magazine as being one of the world's top magazines, and is also where companies look to see if their cars..Full Article

Mazda RX8

It starts with the naughty problem of the coupes, if you buy one you get very little space at the back and a very small boot, so all you...Full Article

2011 Mazda 2 Zoom Zoom

I am hoping and praying that the years to come are GREEN years since there’s global warming and all. Future cars should beFull Article