2011 Mazda 2 Zoom Zoom


I am hoping and praying that the years to come are GREEN years since there’s global warming and all. Future cars should be of environmental benefit and not just the color on it.


The roads are turned into a runway?! That’s according to Mazda. The deeply sculpted shape catches patterns of light, widely spaced head light and halogen fog lights show off its athleticism complimenting its distinctive grille and the sport coupe silhouette cleverly conceals its five door convenience.

15 inch aluminum alloy wheels, standard power mirrors at the flick of a button help you check traffic. The Mazda’s smooth lines are desined to reduce drag and wind resistance for a smooth quiet ride, so do the sculptured smooth tail lights help air move smoothly at the back.


The Mazda has an extra deep cargo floor that makes room for lager items like, speakers, boxes and even your suppliers for the next road trip. There is no need to kick out your pals, the space is created thanks to the 60/40 fold-down rear seats, this car that may seem to be small is quite accommodating. Front and rear cup holders keep your drinks in place and also storage options for your phone/ipod are available for these important items. Available audio and cruise controls are mounted on the steering wheel, easy access.


Its well built 1.5 liter engine that was built to last. At 100hp and 98 lb-ft of torque, the Mazda strikes a balance between power and fuel efficiency-upto 36mpg, 1mpg=0.43km per liter so it is 15.48km per liter. I like the fact that it has two transmissions:

  1. Manual Transmission; Its 5 speed with a clutch that is cushioning so no embarrassing moments when starting the car.
  2. Automatic Transmission; Its 4 speed and this helps in up hill and down hill drive.

Besides being fuel efficient its GREEN, its fuel friendliness doesn’t require a lot of BROWNS in your wallet.


Its packed with 6 airbags, front air bags that protect the head and chest, front side-impact ones that help to also protect the chest and abdominal areas and finally side impact curtains help protect front and outboard rear passengers. DSC/TSC Dynamic Stability Control (DSC) detects control slipping hence the throttle and brakes are modulated helping the car stabilize, Traction Control System (TCS) Detects when wheels lose their grip on the road and adjusts power to the drive wheels to provide more sure footed acceleration in difficult driving conditions.

Its a good thing this car’s color speaks for its character, its really a good thing.

Adopted from: www.mazdausa.com

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