Having Your Car Scrapped Should Always Bring Monetary Rewards


If you have an old car and you do not know what to do with it, have you considered having the car scrapped? Scrap yards enable people to dispose of old, and unwanted vehicles, and have many benefits. If you have ever had a car scrapped before, you may have had a bad experience. For instance, many people contact dealerships and ask them to dispose of the car; these dealerships will charge a premium for collection of the car and transportation to the scrap yard.

However, did you realise that a scrap yard will actually want your old car, because they can make money from the vehicle, and that they will pay you to take the car, and will even arrange to collect the car free of charge. Many people are unaware of this, and these same people end up losing money, when in fact they should be making money. Scrap yards earn their crust by salvaging workable and serviceable parts from vehicles, or by extracting metals and selling these valuable resources for money – they want your car and are willing to pay a premium to get it.

Selling a used car for scrap metal is an excellent way of generating a small amount of capital, but it also forms an important role in environmental protection. What happens generally when a scrap yard receives a car is that the vehicle is stripped of all its non-metallic parts, which are either refurbished and used, or recycled and disposed. The metal that is taken from the vehicle is then melted down and the different composites are separated. Once the composite metals have been extracted, these pure metals are then sold to the manufacturing industry, which make use of them in new commodities, such as cars. Effectively, scrap yards are recycling plants for metal.

When scrapping your car, it is important to choose a reputable company. Things to consider when choosing between scrap yards include the amount of money they will offer for your car, whether they provide a free collection service (only opt for a company that offers this service, and that they stick to legal directives.

In the EU, there are legislations pertaining to the scrapping of metal, and specialist procedures must be adhered to when any scrap business disposes of an end of life vehicle. When selecting a company, make sure that they are Authorised Treatment Facilities, and that they have the relevant licences, namely the Waste Transfer Licences, if in doubt ask for a licence number and verify the company with the relevant authorities.

If you have a vehicle that is no longer serviceable, then scrapping is the ideal solution. You should never incur any costs by opting for such a service, and should in fact receive some kind of payment in view of the amount of salvageable parts, and of the composite metals within the shell.



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  1. hi, my name is dennis and i would like to thank you for the articles, i nonly need to ask you a question ,where can i get the scrap yard in kenya,specifically in Nairobi. do you know of any of them.


  2. Hi Denis,

    There are plenty of scrap metal yards in Nairobi, especially in Industrial area. But if you are not in Nairobi, try asking your mechanic, they are likely to know where to find them.



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