4 steps to sell your car fast in Kenya

Steps to sell your car fast in Kenya. [Photo/autotrader.co.ke]

Selling a second-hand car seems hard but logically, it is not that hard in Kenya today.

All you need is proper showcasing (in this case advertising) and pricing of the car for you to minimise the aspect of time consumption this process. Proper preparation is all you need to change your car into real money.

So how fast and easy can you sell your car?

Here are the steps:

1. Collect papers associated with the car

Do the paperwork for your car. You should always have all the relevant documents with the main one being the log book. The pink slip is another document that gives you the right to sell the car.

No one would buy your car before you present to them such documents for signing and declarations. This marks the completion of the first step.

2. Find your car an appealing selling price

This depends on whether you need to make some profit out of the sale or not, and also the current state of the car.

One is advised to set an asking price slightly higher than the amount with which you initially bought the car. For instance, if you bought a Toyota Premio at Sh1.2 million, you are advised to set an asking price of about Sh1.3 million if the car still appears new.

Depending on your intentions, set an appealing asking price to attract more buyers. Do not over increase the price. You also have to understand that used cars depreciate in value and so consider this too.

3. Create an ad for your car

Advertising is key in ‘business’. This  point should have come first but let’s talk about it here. When choosing to sell your car, you have to take clear and distinct photos of your car before you submit it to the many classifieds sites in Kenya including olx, Jumia deals, UzaNua Classifieds, Bishara.co.ke.

Clear, distinct and appealing photos will fasten the process of selling your car without any struggle.

4. Set up a test drive

Your buyer will demand a test drive.  Before they settle to buy the car, they’ll have to test the functionality of the car, the engine capacity.

For faster selling, you should therefore include such offers in the description part of your listing in the classifieds sites with which you choose to advertise.

With these tips, selling a second-hand hand car is made easier and less time-consuming.

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