Multi-Million Dollar Lamborghini and Ferrari Docks at the Port of Mombasa.


The world’s most revered exquisite sports cars, Lamborghini and Ferrari have finally landed in the country.

The ultimate European-made luxury sports cars Lamborghini and Ferrari have finally arrived in the country, the two cars, a red Ferrari and a green Lamborghini were removed from their containers at the port of Mombasa and test driven on the port’s yard.

Kenya joins the rank of South Africa and Nigeria which have a considerable number of the classy European sports cars on their roads. The owner (s) of the cars is still anonymous and it is not establish whether the cars belongs to Kenya or are destined for other country (s). (Uganda, Rwanda Burundi etc imports their vehicles through the port of Mombasa)

Down is the video of the cars (Robert Alai revealed the video)

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