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The National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA), through its Director General, Francis Meja, on Monday announced that all motor vehicle owners will now be required to acquire a Third License Sticker. In a statement to newsrooms, Mr Meja stated that the Third License Sticker would take effect from 1st July, urging all vehicle owners to acquire it before the deadline to avoid any form of victimization.

“In Implementation of The Traffic (Registration Plate) Rules, 2016 (Legal Notice No.62) Gazette on 15 April 2016. The Authority notifies members of the public that with effect from 1 July 2017 all NEW and SECOND-HAND MOTOR VEHICLE REGISTRATIONS will be required to acquire the Third License Sticker,” the statement read in part.

NTSA also announced that to apply for the sticker, motorists should register on the Transport Integrated Management System (TIMS). The Director General explained that all bearers of the Third License Sticker would be required to stick it on their vehicle’s windscreen as it will contain key information on the details of the car ownership and registration among others.


“The Third License Sticker will be placed on the windscreen of a motor vehicle bearing discrete, overt and covert features of the motor vehicle registration and ownership. It is a security feature that will contain details such as:

  • Motor vehicles registration
  • Ownership details
  • Chassis number
  • Car make and model
  • Car registration number

On the question of the sticker’s security features, the NTSA Director noted that the sticker was fitted with modern technology that guaranteed its security. “Due to its security features, the sticker is protected against forgery and is automatically destroyed when removed or tampered with,” Meja stated.


According to NTSA, its implementation will prevent the interchanging of number plates. The Police will also apparently have scanners that will be able to read the details of the vehicles in the Third License Sticker.

To prevent tampering, the sticker will be automatically destroyed if anyone tries to remove it after it is placed on a car windshield.

Charges & Application

The sticker will cost Ksh. 700. Application for the sticker will be on the NTSA TIMS website.

NTSA have intimated that they will share in due course how already registered cars will get the sticker.

The announcement comes only a few months after NTSA  declared that Kenyan drivers would from May start using the digital driving licenses which were set to monitor motorists and reduce traffic offences.

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Here is NTSA’s Public Notice:

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