Kenya Orient Insurance to require Probox owners to sign ‘Declaration Of Use’


Kenya Orient Insurance Limited has reviewed its underwriting guidelines for Toyota Probox cars now requiring owners of the affected category of vehicles to sign a Declaration of Use witnessed by an advocate.

“The new guidelines are aimed at curbing misuse of Probox vehicles while also enhancing accountability in our underwriting operations, however, the company wishes to reiterate that a majority of Probox owners insured with us continue to adhere to the guidelines and terms of the insurance policy,”  the insurer notes.

The firm says it has encountered misuse of vehicles for purposes other than stated in the insurance policy.

According to the firm most notable misuse include some vehicles insured as private motor vehicles found to be used as Public Service Vehicles contrary to the underwriting guidelines.

This forced the company to discontinue the insurance cover in certain cases where owners have been found to violate underwriting guidelines and the terms of the insurance contract.

“Kenya Orient Insurance Limited wishes to clarify that the company has not discontinued insurance covers for Toyota Probox vehicles as reported in sections of the media,” the firm said in a statement.

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