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Traffic Act Archives - Kenya Car Bazaar Ltd.
Monday, April 19, 2021
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Senator wants dedicated lanes for ambulances

•Nominated Senator Imana Falhada Dekow appreciated the Traffic Act provides for special treatment of ambulances when they are taking people to hospital.

Kenya: With ‘Faulty’ Speed Guns, Police Took Drivers for a Ride

For close to three years, thousands of Kenyans were 'convicted' on the roads for speeding. With a speeding accusation...

Driving under influence of alcohol is not a crime - Kiambu...

- Kiambu Resident Magistrate Brian Khaemba said there was no offence like driving while drunk He...

When State Officials Turn Into Kings Of Impunity On The Road

Motorists in Nairobi have complained about harassment on the road by VIPs whose vehicles have blaring sirens and flashing strobe lights. Their drivers use...

Fresh Bid to Abolish Breathalysers

A fresh bid has been launched at the High Court seeking to stop the use of the breathalysers. Kariuki Ruitha, the proprietor of Reminisce Sports...

Killer Bus Tests Insurance Compensation Rules

Matatu insurers have raised the threshold for accident compensation to exclude commuters who die or get injured while traveling in vehicles that are in...

Kenya Amended Traffic Act

Under the new laws, all drivers of public service vehicles and commercial ones will be required to undergo physical fitness, eye and hearing testing...

How Safe Are Kenyan Buses?

The Narok accident in which more than 40 people were killed has raised serious questions about how our buses are built. The fact that...

Petroleum Transporters to Undergo Special Training

Transporters ferrying petroleum products or hazardous chemicals, will require special training to ensure that they are not a danger to themselves and to other...

Personalized-plate swag!

Now all attention seeking owners of flashy cars can now display their names on their vehicles legally! This comes after section 12 of the Traffic Act got legal force through a Kenya Gazette notice signed by the transport Minister Amos Kimunya.

Impounded Hummer.

Police have detained footballer McDonald Mariga’s Hummer vehicle for bearing personalised number plate.