Keep the car jackers at Bay


For most Kenyan drivers , the fear of being jacked is during  the night. You may be traveling from work, visiting or just partying with friends. In most of the cases that occur, the victim is usually unaware of the plot until it starts to unfold and by that time, it is usually too late to safeguard yourself. With the following tips you will be better armed/prepared when it comes to your safety:

  1. If confronted by a carjacker, think  of saving your life first. Only then do you think of your car and what is in it.
  2. Be weary of the “bump and rob” techniques, stay in the car, make sure your doors and windows are closed and  go to the nearest police post.
  3. When driving really late at night, drive near the central reserve avoiding those jackers who pop out of the bushes and side walks.
  4. When out at night, make sure you park in well lit areas.
  5. Stay alert to people lurking and moving around your parked vehicle.
  6. Finally make sure your vehicle doors and windows are locked when leaving the vehicle.

In case you have some pointers that you would like to add, kindly share with our readers.