2012 Renault Laguna Coupe Presented


A revamped Laguna Coupe has been unveiled in Italy three years after its debut. Of the enhancements made, highlights include modern LED day lights, 17-inch alloys as standard, Energy Smart Management system for better fuel consumption and reduced CO2 emissions, and sat-nav. Two diesel units are available: a 2.0-liter dCi, available with 150 or 175hp, and a 240hp 3.0-liter V6 dCi. Both engines transfer power to the front axle via a 6-speed manual or automatic transmission. Renault plans to release two special editions of the Laguna Coupe, namely the Monaco GP and the Monaco GP Racing. The former will come equipped with 18-inch Chrome Shadow alloys and a black Nero Nacre roof, while the Racing variant will be based on the manual 150hp dCi. Only 49 units will be produced and can be ordered online. Included in this version is a 4Control chassis, with all four wheels steering, a matt black paintjob, metalized black roof & wing mirror covers, and an exclusive aerodynamic bodykit. If that’s not enough, then the 49 owners will all be invited to a driving course that involves taking a Formula 3 racecar for a spin.