Lions eat car tires as terrified tourists watch at The Serengeti National Park

Attack: One of the lions could be seen gnawing at the wheels of the truck, destroying one of its tires
  • Lions pictured attacking a truck in Tanzania’s Serengeti National Park
  • They spent an hour ‘wreaking havoc’ as terrified tourists cowered inside
  • Animals destroyed tires and tried to smash windows of the safari vehicle

A pride of hungry lions attacked a Land Rover Defender full of tourists at the Serengeti National Park, destroying tires and attempting to shatter windows to get at the terrified humans inside.

This is the moment terrified tourists watched a lion eating the tires of their vehicle while they were on a safari drive in Tanzania. Pictures taken in the Serengeti National Park show hungry lions gnawing at the wheels of the truck during an hour-long attack. Holidaymakers can be seen cowering inside as the animals ‘wreaked havoc’ destroying the tires and attempting to crack the enforced-glass windows.

Safari tour guide Emmanuel Bayo from Arusha, Tanzania, witnessed the encounter from nearby and snapped off a few photos that showed the lions in attack mode at the famous Tanzanian park.

“It was quite scary, really — the lions are very hungry in the park and hadn’t had a kill for a while,” Bayo told Caters News. “The truck was driving past with people inside and the lions smelt the humans. “Then they were trying to get inside for about an hour and wreaked havoc.”

‘Then they were trying to get inside for about an hour and wreaked havoc. ‘They destroyed the wheels and tried to smash the windows - even though we have enforced glass which stops this. It would have been a disaster if we hadn’t. ‘It was scary but exhilarating - I think everyone should come on safari with me to have these experiences.’

Hunting: The animals ‘wreaked havoc’ destroying the wheels and attempting to crack the enforced glass windows

Terrifying: Tourists watched in fear as lions in the Serengeti National Park spent an hour attacking their vehicle
The dramatic images were captured by safari tour guide Emmanuel Bayo, from Arusha, Tanzania earlier this month


Fear: The tour guide said that the lions may have attacked the truck because they ‘hadn’t had a kill for a while’