Land Rover of Kenya Power Officer Smashed in Love Drama

Angry wife smashes vehicle of husband in Migori town

Drama ensued in Migori town on Tuesday when a heart-broken woman smashed her husband’s Land Rover attracting a huge crowd.

Joyce Kandie who has been living separately from her husband, Peter Murunga - said to be a Kenya Power employee - arrived at Murunga’s house where she found him with another woman.

An irate Kandie turned on the husband’s classy vehicle shattering the windscreen and headlamps before deflating the wheels using a nail as the crowd cheered.

According to Ms Kandie who was carrying a baby on her back, her husband had abandoned her after being promoted from a clerk’s position.

The mother of six further claimed that the husband had moved her to a cheap house while he reserved their expensive home in Roba estate to the lover despite her efforts to end the illicit affair.

“Instead of going to work he is in the house with this woman. He moved me from Sh15,000 house to a Sh4,000 one which has snakes and insects,” she vented out the rage that she claimed to have harboured for 17 years.

When the situation threatened to get out of hand, police officers arrived and arrested Murunga, Kandie and the alleged lover as the cheating ‘couple’ struggled to conceal their identity.

Ms Kandie is set to face charges of destruction of property but it was not clear whether the husband and his lover would be charged.

Source : Kenyans