[Video] Robert Alai Involved In Road Rage Incident


Robert Alai is a fiery man. And you can tell from the number of times he has been sued or involved in an altercation, he sticks to his guns. And true to form, this morning, the blogger cum Jubilee apologist was involved in a road rage incident with a matatu driver.

An eyewitness sent us a video of the affair. According to the eye witness, Robert Alai and the matatu drivers over a lane. He overtook the matatu and decided to stop infront of the matatu. He parked right infront of the mat, took out his rungu and broke the window of the matatu.

One would think this a strange reaction but when I spoke to Alai, he explained to me that a rogue matatu driver had claimed his brother’s life and left him in a ditch when he made off to avoid arrest. I can only empathize for the loved ones of a person who met their demise through a matatu driver’s negligence and for them to find said person under such circumstances is just gut wrenching.

A video was taken after the altercation was done and you can see the matatu driver and Robert Alai arguing over what had transpired. Check it out below:

Source: https://mpasho.co.ke/robert-alai-involved-in-road-rage-incident/

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