Tuesday, July 14, 2020
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Kenya cuts pump price of petrol, diesel after import costs fall

Kenya's energy regulator has cut retail prices of diesel, petrol and kerosene to reflect lower import costs, in a move likely to temper rising...

Kenya raises diesel, kerosene prices, lowers petrol

Kenya's energy regulator raised the maximum retail price of a litre of diesel and kerosene on Saturday, and lowered that of petrol, reflecting their...

Motorists to pay more for petrol

Motorists will pay Sh2.06 more for a litre of petrol in the latest review by the energy regulator on high import cost. Petrol will from...

Petrol price driven up by suspect deal

A flawed tendering process which led to overpricing of freight charges could have led to Kenyans paying a higher price for their petrol. While the...

Agony for motorists as fuel prices rises, again

NAIROBI, Kenya, Oct 14th-Motorists will have to dig deeper into their pockets over the next four weeks, with Super petrol going up by Sh6.31...