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Thursday, May 6, 2021
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Why I might sell my car

When Ali, Mwisho wa Lami’s revered mechanic and jack of all trades towed my state-of-the-art Nissan Unny to his makeshift workshop in June, I...

Car Body Works is Providing Dozens of Jobs to Youths

Kayole area in Eastlands has one of the largest pool of semi-skilled labour in the county. And young men there are increasingly opting to...

Here are some of the best tuned cars in kenya by...

A custom body kit includes a front apron, new hood, bigger front and rear wings, side sills, rear aprons and light surrounds and so...

Car Suspension Noises to Be Aware Of

Car suspension noises can warn a driver or mechanic if there is a major problem.

5 tip-offs to Mechanic rip-offs

Unless you’re a car mechanic yourself, dealing with a repair shop may require a leap of faith. But if you pay attention to what your..

How to avoid costly car Mistakes

A car will usually signal that something isn’t right long before it has a major failure. But if the warning signs are ignored, any..