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Thursday, May 6, 2021
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Here are some of the best tuned cars in kenya by...

A custom body kit includes a front apron, new hood, bigger front and rear wings, side sills, rear aprons and light surrounds and so...

Top 10 Car Maintenance Mistakes

Curiously, many people haven't adjusted their thinking to keep pace with new car maintenance schedules.

Car Tyre Care And Maintenance

With tyres being the only contact points between your vehicle and the road surface, it is vital that you, as a motorist, are aware of the condition of your tyres and how to properly care for them.

How Regular Car Maintenance Can Save Your Life

Have you had your car checked recently? Taking care of your car is very similar to taking care of just about any household machinery or...

What tires don’t say, That you need to know

Common tire types such as all-season, all-terrain, or summer refer to the type of tread pattern and rubber compounds that were...

Volkswagen Touareg

Most big off road cars these days aren't designed to do what the Touareg does. The Porsche 911 is a road going car n stilts then...