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Car modifications are a fun and exciting experience for the adventurous car owners, who love  their noble and faithful cars/bikes. Interestingly enough there are a few modifications that we do love our cars to have even though it might not be a necessity.

Rims, Chrome, Whatchamacallit…..

This is one of my favorite mods on a vehicle, shiny, black, colored, they all captivate the eye and do make a stunning diffrence on the vehicle. There are those who take it a notch higher by increasing the size of the rims 22s 24s you name it. Size does matter fro the extravagant owner, you know what they say…the bigger the better. If you aint got it, don’t hate on the brother who has.

Paint Job

Beauty lies within we know that for a fact but either way, your car has to have a good paint job, i mean what  kind of character are you portraying, are you a  sleek person, crazy or are you just careless that you let your car get run down like its been in the garage for a year or so, really your car is your image when you drive around town, if it has dents on it, scratches, pealed paint to the point its started rusting, it says a lot about you……, seriously, why do you have a car in the first place?? So, do something. RESTORE your car. Get a good paint job, really,  REALLY!! Please, even though the car is old, it can still look good.

If you have a new car, even you current car and  you are so in love with it, why don’t you just maintain the current paint job by giving it a good waxing every now and then you know. It helps keep it young and classy.


I’m not going to talk much on spoilers because i thought spoilers were meant for race cars and high performance spots cars, its primary function is to ‘spoil’ unfavorable  air movement and at the front are the air dams that reduce the amount of air flowing underneath the vehicle which reduces aerodynamic lift and all, as in they affect the speed whether fast or slow, there are those that are retractable anyway a good sizable one should do, n thing too flashy.

Interior Decor

Your seats, your dashboard, get a sun roof if you wish, entertainment systems, etc etc  its all in the bag but you don’t have to spend a lot of money anyway, a GPS tracking system is still cool for your interior you know.

The final result of your car will depend on your selection of all the above and the results are amazing, glamorous i must say. Moral of this story, love your car as it serves you.

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  1. My car needs a new paint job, spoiler and bumpers (Well, I cudnt get these on a shop anywhere I know). Anyone can point me at a place they do these professionally?

  2. hey, i need hook up of some 17 inch low profile rims, black colour, nice patern for my toyota fielder.any idea???


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