What happens when a BMW fanboy wishes he had a BMW?

There’s nothing wrong with being a Mazda MX-5 Miata or BMW roadster fan. Whether it’s the old BMW Z3 or the Chris Bangle era Z4, both cars were great. The latest Z4 has become more of a GT car than anything else. And the MX-5 has always been wonderful. So is it possible to combine the two cars? Should something like that even be done? An answer could be found with this BMW Z9 Concept replica. Based on a 1994 Miata, its creator says that ever since he saw the BMW Z9 concept back in 2000 (it was the design inspiration for the E63 6 Series) he just had to have one.
So he turned that old Miata into this, this awkward-looking labor of love. We dig his hard work and effort, but if he loved the Z9 concept so much, then he could have just gone out and picked up an E63 6 Series, provided he had the cash. Instead, over the course of seven years, he completely reworked the Miata’s exterior and even drove it from Arizona to Florida. The plan also called for an engine swap with a 2003 Mitsubishi Evo (along with the latter’s AWD system and Brembo brakes). This is no longer happening and the guy is selling his homemade concept because his kids need to sit in a backseat and not a trunk. It’s up for sale on eBay and as of this writing has a top bid of just over $3,000. It’s certainly no BMW, but it’s definitely a labor of love.
Source: ebay.com

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