Uhuru Kenyatta’s car among top 20 most expensive presidential cars (photos)


World leaders, whether presidents, prime ministers or royalty, tend to have a slightly different taste from the average buyer when it comes to cars.

– Unlike the usual concerns over mileage, fuel consumption, motor insurance cover like the one by Coop Bank Insurance agency and color, their concerns carry more weight – is it bombproof, and will it satisfy national pride.

– This may not be the ordinary person’s thoughts owing to budget, seeing as the presidential cars and those of the larger political and royal class have a more flexible budget to work with.

If you thought car shopping was fun, or President Obama’s ‘Beast’ was it, then wait until you get a load of these swanky (and badass) vehicles from around the world. The presidents and royals of the world know how to cruise in style!

Narendra Modi, Indian Prime Minister

Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi rides in a BMW 7 Series 760 Li Security Edition. Prior to this he had a Mahindra Scorpio, which he used for a decade under when he was the Chief Minister of Gujarat.

Narendra Modi holds the most powerful office in India and has been declared as the prime minister with the most life threats unlike any previous prime ministers of India. This hyper-fortified vehicle can withstand attacks from AK-47 bullets, blunt objects and bombs, and features an intercom system that allows the PM to call for back-up. His predecessor, Manmohan Singh also used the same BMW series car.

Xi Jinping, President of China

China’s Hongqi Limousine is the most sought-after luxury vehicle in China and the most expensive in the countr

The Hongqi Limousine is China’s answer to the Range Rover, and is the most expensive car in China . Hongqi, which means “red flag,” has an 8-speed transmission and four turbo-charged V8 engines with 530 pounds of torque and 381 horsepower, which means it goes from zero to one hundred kilometers in just over 8 seconds, and can reach a maximum speed of 220 kph.

Vladimir Putin, President of Russia

ZiL Presidential Limo concept car is slated to be the next car for President Vladimir Putin of Russia

The Russian President’s soon-to-come car defines power and authority. Compared to Obama’s ‘Beast’, this car is highly sophisticated,heavily guarded and extremely fast.  This car is designed in a way nothing, not even a rocket can penetrate. Once inside, no bomb, bullet, rocket or poisonous gas can reach him.  It provides protection of up to 99 percent so unless evil minds wait for him to get out, nothing can get in.  Currently, he rides the Mercedes S-Class Limousine.

David Cameron, former British Prime Minister

David Cameron rides a Jaguar XJ Sentinel, a favorite of the rich especially in Russia

Brexit or no Brexit, David Cameron rides in a specially armored Jaguar XJ Sentinel. This car can withstand bombs of up to 15kgs of TNT.  Special gunports allow his bodyguards to return fire if Cameron were to be attacked. Interestingly, the Jaguar XJ Sentinel was first launched in Russia, where autocracy book it in large quantities.

Muhammadu Buhari, President of Nigeria

Nigeria’s President Buhari rides in a Mercedes-Maybach S600

While former President Goodluck Jonathan rode a Mercedes-Benz S 350, his successor, Muhammadu Buhari prefers the expensive and luxurious Mercedes-Maybach S600.

Uhuru Kenyatta, President of Kenya

resident Uhuru Kenyatta rides in the Mercedes-Benz Pullman S600

This car has been ranked as one of the world’s most expensive cars alongside other vehicles driven by royals and powerful world leaders.  Uhuru cruises around in the Mercedes Pullman S600, a limousine is driven by the elite and powerful in Kenya and bears the coat of arms of the country as well as an armored exterior ready for action.

Jose Mujica, ex-Uruguay president

ex-Uruguay president Jose Mujavic drives himself in a blue volkswagen beetle

Dubbed ‘the world’s poorest president’, former Uruguayan president, Jose Mujica, has driven his personal car, a Volkswagen beetle, while performing official duties. Unlike other leaders, he seems to be pretty comfortable with his choice.

Queen Elizabeth, England

The Bentley that transports the Queen of England.

The leader of England rides around in a Bentley State Limousine.  This vehicle was created as a 50th anniversary edition of the iconic automotive brand. The car has a “panoramic glasshouse” giving her an easy view of her adoring fans and the common folk with top notch security features that keep her safe and sound.

These cars are highly scrutinized and built for conditions that most civilian cars would never face but even with all the protection, a good insurance cover is still vital – because anything can happen.

Hopefully the cars of these leaders will keep the dream of being a president one day alive.

Source : Tuko