Finally! 15 new rules that could finally make matatus safe for users and less of a nuisance


PSVs have been classified into four categories:

  • Class I (14 seaters), Class II (mini buses ferrying 15 to 25 passengers),
  • Class III (mini buses ferrying 25 to 40 passengers),
  • Class IV (buses with seating capacity of 40),
  • Class V (urban buses with 40-passenger capacity) and Class VI (double-decker buses ferrying more than 40 passengers).
  1. No welding should be done directly on the chassis of the vehicle.
  2. Only certified welders will be allowed to do the welding NTSA, Kebs, and Kenas will be responsible for authorising and accrediting PSV body builders
  3. To have your vehicle accredited, you should submit a detailed description of the vehicle type, its structure, dimensions, and constituents’ materials.
  4. Also the drawings of the vehicle and its interior arrangement have to be submitted
  5. The floor-to-roof height for 25-seater mini buses and 33 seaters will be not less than 1.7 metres while for 40-passenger buses it will be 1.8 metres. Maximum overall height will be 1.9 metres.
  6. More leg room! - Minimum leg room for passengers shall be 0.6m or 660mm for 40-seater buses and 680mm or 0.68m for other PSVs
  7. Fresh Air! - The windows will be divided into two parts: A section that slides and another that doesn’t – the upper rectangular part of the window. The lower part should be fixed.
  8. Hand rails and hand-holds should be of adequate strength and designed and installed in a manner that presents no risk of injury to passengers
  9. Emergency doors should be clearly labelled and easily opened from inside.
  10. Their height should be 120mm and 457mm in width. They should be power-operated or sliding
  11. Finally comfort!- Average seat size should be 225mm in width Seats should be firmly bolted to the steel floor and not the floor sheets. Each should have a seat belt and high density cushions
  12. The lowest step for entering the vehicle shall not exceed the height of 460mm from the ground.
  13. Fire extinguisher and first aid kits are mandatory
  14. Interior lights and bells will be operated by the driver.
  15. Peace and quiet! Exhaust noise should not be more than 90 decibels

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