Kenyans call for promotion of this traffic cop in the CBD


Senior Counsel Ahmednasir Abdullahi on Thursday led Kenyans in calling for the promotion of a traffic cop in the Nairobi CBD.

The yet to be identified officer often operates at the intersection of Koinange Street and Kenyatta Avenue and has been lauded for his professionalism.

“This policeman never takes bribes and is probably the most dedicated and hardworking policeman in Kenya.

“He works at the intersection of Koinange Street and Kenyatta Avenue…Why hasn’t he been promoted in the last 10 years?” he wondered.

Kenyans online also weighed in on the matter and although some disagreed with Ahmednasir, others highlighted instances when the officer assisted them at the same spot.

It generated an interesting debate on the steps followed in promoting an officer and what it takes to promote one to the next rank.

Innocent Tawa: How can you conclude he never takes bribes? Are you always with him at his work station? Do you mean that if doesn’t take bribe from you then he doesn’t take from other people? Your claims aren’t enough proof he doesn’t take bribes.

HakiNgo: Kenya if you speak the truth if act right, if you have integrity you will be marked as the worst person in Kenya. Kenya is a country of Injustice where crooked and thieves are embraced, so nobody will ever promote him, crooked system don’t promote good people in Kenya.

Julius Mwaura: This guy back in 2017 assisted me so much when a car I was using had mechanical problems. Badala ya kunikemea he called mechanic for me and even some youths to push the vehicle for new out of the road.

Nguya Kihara: You should have also mentioned the Nairobi City County traffic Marshal on this same junction. He keeps traffic moving, never wasting a single moment. When he’s on leave, traffic builds up till Java Koinange.

Emanu: Mike Sonko am very sure you know the traffic Marshall being discussed here. Almost everyone does. Sina gari but does a good job, cool guy!

Manuzwa: I can attest to that, he is loyal, dedicated to his duty. He needs promotion on merit.

Kanindo Alvin: Dedication and good work doesn’t go unnoticed no matter how long it takes.. I encourage him to continue being dedicated on his work despite the hardships and temptations it comes with.

David Tarus: I have seen him there since 2012! A very dedicated police officer.

Waithera Moria: Very very polite and he loves his job.


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