Audi R8 ‘Toxique’ Body Kit from TC Concepts


TC Concepts have just released a new body kit for the Audi R8, dubbed the ‘Toxique.’

The Audi R8 is already a fierce and highly-regarded supercar, both in terms of style and performance. The mid-engined German ride has just received a body kit form TC Concepts, and it adds more to the Audi halo than it does to take away from it. Though TC Concepts hasn’t released any official details for their latest body kit, they have released some photos for our amusement. The ‘Toxique’ body kit gives the R8 a sleek and smooth appearance. It features a front bumper with huge air intakes which look strikingly similar to the TT RS’s. It also includes sideskirts and blades that give the R8 a bid of a Spyder-ish look. A fixed rear wing at the rear and carbon fiber diffuser add to an overall sporty appearance. No pricing information has been released yet for the Audi R8 ‘Toxique’ body kit by TC Concepts.

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