Hillary Clinton gifts PM Raila with most POWERFUL Public Address System for 2017 campaigns

Madam Clinton gave the public address system fitted in 5 bullet proof trucks.

Nominee of the Democratic Party for President of the United States Hillary Rodham Clinton has deeply thanked prime Minister Raila Amolo Odinga for attending the DNC in the United States by gifting him with a state of the art public address system built in powerful HUMMER H1.

Speaking in her New York office while seeing the Prime Minister off to London where he is expected to spew an avalanche of speeches in various rostrums, Secretary Clinton said she is highly honoured to have someone like Raila attend listen to her speech.

“Mr. Prime Minister Sir, on behalf of my family, on my behalf and on behalf of that of the Democrat family, let me take this opportunity to thank you vehemently for attending the DNC. It confirms the immeasurable degree of care in you. Sir, I know that with your presence here, we will will win. Sir, personally incalculably honoured to have you as an ally. On behalf of the democrats, kindly accept this paltry token for your campaigns. As an enigma and professor of global politics, you need it for your campaings albeit this is not all, we shall continue working together” Said Madam Clinton as she handed the keys of the trucks to PM Raila.

“Sir, it is my wish that when I become president of the United States, you will also become President of Kenya and we shall ensure that the elections go through a free, fair and credible process” She said.

According to Alpine Amoring Director dR. Wallace Gregory, the trucks are bullet proof and motable even in the most adverse climate and highly impassable roads. According to Engineers of the state of the art public address system offered to Raila, the system is 25000W. One Hummer has a collection of 62 powerful with full in-built 3000W tweeters. Engineers imprimaturs that due to the system’s sterio power and pelucidity, the system is clearly audible even from 50km away. Nonetheless, the trucks are fitted with first class-canvassed sound absorber to keep safe occupants of the truck.The speakers are sound and waterproof. The wheels of the trucks are size 60, meaning they can penetrate in any kind of mud however hostile.

According to Engineer Fujimoto Fukioka Shimata, celebrated Japanese complicated electronic engineer and psychologist, the system is customly manufactured on strict booking. Mr Fujimoto said that Raila’s is the first in Africa and no one has afforded to buy it. He also added that there is a sophisticated capacitor which when enabled, can jam any jumbo electronic device within the radii of 50km meaning, this means if there is another function or political rally going on within the 50km radious, then you can enable the capacitor and run the systems simultaniously, you will block the other system amd render it completely defunct.

Source : Politica