Levies imposed

Updated: May 4, 2012

The Kisumu City Council has introduced a new levy for motorcyclists and boda boda operators in the city, nearly three years when it was repulsed by operators.

The Council’s Principal Revenue Officer Nicholas Okola says that they’ve been engaging the operators for the last three months until they reached an agreement.

Okola says motor cyclists will be expected to pay Sh300 while the boda boda cyclists will part with Sh100 every month.

The earlier levy was pegged at Sh500 for motor cyclists and Sh300 for boda boda cyclists, sparking running battles between police and operators who vehemently opposed the plan, for one week.

Okola says the fee is meant to regulate the operations of the cyclists and at the same time raise the council’s revenue base.

He noted that the council would use the revenue to improve service delivery and efficiency in their work.

Okola discounted the use of force to implement the directive since all the parties had agreed to abide by the law and embrace dialogue and consultation in future engagements to avoid confrontation.

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