Motorists Association wants NTSA crackdown halted


According to statement released on Monday Chairman of the Association, Peter Murima said NTSA’s has kneejerk reactions all the time many Kenyans die on the road, but they fail to address the real fundamental cause of record high road crash fatalities.

“Only after a multiple fatality crashes, is when the head office is jerked to issue hidebound statements equal to locking the paddock too late when the horse has already bolted,” he said.

He claims the agency has developed a tendency of blaming drivers wholesomely while they intentionally sweep under the carpet government’s contributory negligence and failure. He termed this as reactionary and diversionary.

“The government only sees the speck in motorist’s eye but does not see the log in its own eye.”

Murima mentioned rampant corruption as another major factor that will continue to ensure NTSA road safety efforts fail.

“It is a sad eventuality that NTSA has been accused severally of demanding higher bribes than police in speed trap roadblocks”

He explained cases where driving licenses are bought over the counter. One is required to pay Sh1500 to get a genuine license which is delivered by officials’ agents at the comfort of your office desk without requisite tests.

“Speed governors companies are registered by NTSA to provide tamper proof gadgets yet we see vehicles with valid stickers not only exceeding 80KPH limits but clocking speeds above 100 KPH.

Murima said matatu and Lorries enjoy shameless impunity, repeated in the eyes of unassuming shadow of NTSA and Police.

“This double application of enforcement is wrong, from speeding idiotically inside town crowds, riding on wrong side of the road, not giving way on main roads, overlapping on left side, doing shortcuts on roundabouts, and not wearing safety gear, their ‘essential’ operations are the cause of many avoidable deaths and injuries,” he said.

He said duplicity explains why there is road accident surge since police no longer take responsibility for the confusion and that Committee on transport only brings in confusion and usurps the role of police

“NTSA should stick to licensing and boardroom policy mandate, the crackdown should, be stopped until the government addresses the irregularities,” he said.

Source : Capital Fm