[PHOTOS] Umoinner Matatu Torched After Knocking Over And Killing Cyclist

The Umoinner sacco matatu, christened Cavaliers, up in flames after it was torched by boda boda operators on May 24, 2017 on Outer Ring Road. PHOTO | COURTESY

A matatu belonging to Umoinner sacco was on Wednesday evening burnt to a shell after it hit and killed a cyclist near Donholm roundabout.

The matatu, which plies on the Umoja to city centre route, was heading to Umoja when the incident happened.

Angry boda boda operators parked near the scene of the accident descended on the matatu, ordered passengers out, before torching the matatu christened Cavaliers.

No one was injured during the incident.

The incident caused a huge traffic jam on Outer Ring Road – which is under construction – and Jogoo Road.

The matatu christened Cavaliers. PHOTO | COURTESY

Most passengers opted to walk to their destinations.

The Umoinner Sacco has notorious history of accidents. In 2013, 12 passengers died after a commuter train rammed into an Umoinner matatu at the Mutindwa level crossing, near Buruburu shopping centre.

The train hit the midriff of the 33-seater matatu and dragged it for 150 meters before screeching to a halt.

The government soon after temporarily suspended the sacco’s operating license.

In another bizarre incident in 2015, a child died after being hit by an Umoinner matatu in Shauri Moyo estate.

The child, his mother and a sibling were hit at a zebra crossing on Ambila Road by the matatu which witnesses said was speeding.

Little wonder some area residents have christened matatus from this sacco ‘Umokiller’.

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